Survival FoodsSurvival Foods Fill "Er Up- Coping with an area near the coast, it is a good idea to never let your gas tank fall below half full. If your town gets flooded, the gasoline stations may become inoperable,, we will still need enough gasoline to move out of city. Survival Foods In 1890, the Women's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church opened their doors to provide educational services. As time went concerning the school was a safe haven for unfortunate children. You most likely the children that came there were from broken homes or orphaned. A large quanity of the orphaned had lost both of their parents with a widespread flu epidemic. In 1925, the school/orphanage was moved into the outskirts of Seward, where it was home to more than seventy children and in the least ten caring employees. Survival Foods Siphon or spoon trip water beginning and add bleach for a price of 8 drops per gallon or half a teaspoon per 5 gallons. Stir and let it sit for half and hour. After 30 minutes, if the smells like bleach, it is most likely drinkable. Individuals detect the smell of bleach, repeat treating. If, after 15 minutes you still cannot smell bleach, make use of alternative treatment method.