Survival FoodsSurvival Foods Harder blade material will hold an edge longer, and definitely will be more brittle and harder to sharpen. A carbon steel blade is relatively soft and would get dulled fairly easily. However, the edge of this knife can easily be made razor sharp. Generally speaking of thumb, high carbon steel is harder than stainless iron. A stainless steel knife is typically more expensive than an expensive carbon blade. However, it is important recognize that a stainless steel knife, or "rust proof" knife, may eventually get rust spots and rust. Survival Foods Old Man Winter and La Nina, kick in the New Year with quite the side. From southern Oregon, all of the way to Seattle, heavy snow was the picture in the media. Floods were soon to follow, as heavy snow turned to heavy storms. Power outages ran rampart through the spot. If ever had been a in order to have an emergency survival kit this was it. Survival Foods Solar power kits assist you by permitting you to know where you can save the most money. Process, which is tell you how much savings you should get out of just turning off a light-weight in your home when an individual might be not into it. There are so many ways specialists . save by switching onto solar electro-mechanical. You don't have be concerned about about power outages, especially in areas that prone to brown and black outs, or in a severe weather. You will save money by simply not having to be on the electricity grid. One big advantage is that if you have a surplus of electricity, you can actually sell your unused energy to the utility! What would be much better than getting money over electric suppliers, instead of paying them?