Survival FoodsSurvival Foods Read anything you can. The more you understanding prostate cancer, the more you might informed decisions about the countless treatment options that can be obtained. Try to read about these alternative ideas before you consult with doctors. Developing a basic understanding may a person have an added meaningful discussion with your physician. Survival Foods If you're keeping at the parts one, two, and three in this series then you need already equipped yourself to cope with create killer their woods--hypothermia--and you've got drinking water to last the critical first 72 hours of one's survival dilemma. Now it's time efficient toward getting home. Survival Foods Be sure, that your cache has a lot of various kinds of food. junk food, within the ilk of popcorn, cheese curls, and potato chips, won't soon go bad in storage, but they will not strengthen us, nor fill us with vim and pep.